Audience Mapping


How can we better understand our audiences?

As consumers we are bombarded by more messages than ever before. To cut through the noise, brands need to better understand user behavior and build strategies based on how their audiences consume information.

Developing a detailed picture

Detailed audience understanding starts by defining exactly who it is we’re looking to speak to. We start by defining the psychographic and demographic qualities of our target audience, building a rich picture from the start.

From there, we set out to understand three core areas:

  • Influences: What (and who) are their sources of influence?
  • Passions: What are their passions and interests? How does this overlap with the brand?
  • Time: What are their media preferences and behaviors? Where do they spend their time?

Audience mapping summaries (pen portraits) are a concise way of showcasing data in a narrative fashion. However our analysis goes much deeper, answering key questions including:

  • Audience context
  • Attitudes
  • Interests
  • Brand engagement
  • Media consumption

Ultimately, this data informs content strategy and the selection of a global media partners for client campaigns.


H+K bietet detaillierte Branchenkenntnisse und kombiniert diese mit Fachwissen in verschiedensten Bereichen. Wir verstehen in welchen Ökosystem unsere Kunden operieren und wissen, wie man ihre Zielgruppen anspricht.
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Wir kombinieren unsere fundierten Kenntnisse über eine Vielzahl an Branchen mit Expertenwissen in Bereichen wie etwa Content + Publishing, Krisenkommunikation oder Public Affairs.
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