Nikon – 5 Photographers. 5 Challenges.

More light, more possibilities, more freedom – in autumn 2018 the camera manufacturer Nikon introduced the first mirrorless Full Frame cameras Z 7 and Z 6, which meet all the requirements of professional photographers. The challenge: overall, the camera market is shrinking and Nikon’s competitors are already dominating the market for mirrorless systems. Hill+Knowlton was therefore asked for support to position the new mirrorless Z-System on the market and to create a preference especially among the target group of amateur and professional photographers. In addition, a new target group was to be addressed – the so-called “New Creators”, who see themselves rather as multimedia storytellers than as photographers. 

To live up to their artistic vision, photographers are constantly striving to further develop their skills and take their work to the next level. for this, the proper camera equipment is central. It was therefore important to illustrate the great versatility and excellent quality of the Nikon Z 7 to photographers and to show them that they can work with their DSLR lenses and a mirrorless system without any issues. Hill+Knowlton Strategies took advantage of Nikon’s new brand positioning and its claim “Capture Tomorrow”. Following the call, we presented five photographers, each equipped with the new Nikon Z 7, with individual photographic challenges. How and where they wanted to tackle their challenges was left to the photographers. The photographic and videographic documentation of their experiences served as inspiration for Nikon’s social media communities and called on them to take part in a competition by sending in their own interpretation of the challenges.  

 From more than 2,000 submissions, five winning photos were selected and published in the myNikon magazine as well as in advertorials. Through PR and social media activities the campaign reached a total of 36 million people and stimulated 23,046 interactions. 

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