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Holistic communication strategies for the financial industry in times of digital change 

No other sector next to the financial industry has had to overcome so many ups and downs in recent years. In the light of ever-growing digitalization, the coming years will also be characterized by changes. This undoubtedly also applies to professional services companies. From a communications perspective, this causes special communicative challenges for us and our clients.

Whether banks, financial service providers, law firms, management consultancies or other professional services companies – with regard to topics and agendas, all are dependent on creativity in their PR. Their knowledge-based services are often immaterial and difficult to visualize. Differentiation from the competition must therefore be based on abstract factors such as specialist knowledge, experience and opinion.

Thus, interconnected thinking is key: content should complement each other cross-medially, including company-owned platforms, media coverage, stakeholder and influencer management.

H+K Strategies develops holistic solutions for these communicative challenges. For our clients we are a strategic and creative partner for content strategies, thought leadership, speaker positioning or corporate branding.

Udo Becker

Managing Director, Head of Energy + Industrials, Head of Financial + Professional Services

Specialist expertise

We integrate core disciplines to deliver deep industry knowledge combined with specialist areas of ‘ideas + strategy’, ‘content creation’ and ‘publishing’.
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Behind all of our insight-led ideas and communication strategies is a deep understanding of data and analytics, creativity, innovation and master storytelling.
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