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H+K has unrivaled success in preparing, protecting and defending brands and organizations. 

We safeguard the reputation of our clients — who range from global brands, multinationals and public sector organizations to small independents — by deploying meticulous preparation, bespoke training and perfectly pitched responses to a wide range of audiences. Our team is highly respected as the most experienced and best resourced in the industry. Our approach to issues and crisis management goes far beyond communications. We’ll work closely with your operational teams, risk managers, legal counsel and other stakeholders when preparing an approach and when managing a response. We have a decade-long experience operating at the most senior levels of crisis management. Our extensive global reach means we have the breadth and depth of experience to support our clients in responding to issues both locally and across the world when they arise.

What we do: 

Strategic counsel – provide intelligent counsel and strategic planning, lead internal alignment with the board and c-suite, objective advice to augment operating objectives

External relations – Liaise with governments / international NGOs, regulators and industry bodies, advocate identification

Internal relations – Provide strategic advice, internal communications, draft employee / partner letters, intranet copy, HR support

Media information bureau/office – Field media calls, issue holding statements, develop Q&As, develop core messaging and tailored key messaging for different audiences, rebut misinformation, arrange and negotiate interviews, coordinate all external communications

Monitoring – Monitor national + international media coverage and social media, provide analysis of content + tone, identify commentators, inform development of communication strategy

Online – Set up incident web page, provide online updates, counsel on response / respond to blog posts, social media posts, dark site development, community management

Spokespeople preparation – provide interview briefing notes, media train spokespeople, develop + rehearse key messages, equip with interview handling skills 

Executive Training – a series of focused and targeted modules for executive coaching, which will deliver the exact skills you need in a crisis

Crisis Control App – a single platform with customized incident planning and response tools

FlightSchool+ – an online crisis simulation that lets businesses and individuals test their crisis response capability in a controlled setting

Cyber+ – strategic communications support for cybersecurity/data breach

Tim Luckett

Global Head of Crisis Communications


H+K delivers deep industry knowledge combined with specialist areas of expertise. We understand our clients’ ecosystem and how to engage their audiences.
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Behind all of our insight-led ideas and communication strategies is a deep understanding of data and analytics, creativity, innovation and master storytelling.
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