Singapore Tourism Board – Passion Encounters

Singapore is a diverse destination to be discovered – shaped by people’s passion for what they do and what they have created. With a digital campaign, Singapore’s new brand “Passion made possible” had to be brought to life. Encounter, exchange, inspiration: The followers were taken on a journey live via the social networks through colourful, cheeky, fun-loving and very personal reports in words, pictures and films.

The core idea of the campaign was to convey Singapore’s omnipresent passion. In this way, a stronger emotional connection to Singapore was to be established and the affinity for the city as a travel destination increased. The goal was not only to create reach, but also to create communication that the audience could easily relate to.

In order to create unique encounters – so-called “Passion Encounters” – four influencers from Germany and Switzerland were identified to travel to Singapore. They discovered the beauty and diversity of Singapore as well as its passionate inhabitants. In order to make these encounters exciting and interesting, each influencer was assigned a Passion Ambassador whose interests and passion coincided or overlapped with those of the influencer.

Through social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, creative text, photo and video content was shared in real time with fans and followers. Upon returning from Singapore, detailed travel reports were published in the form of blog posts and YouTube videos, which presented the variety of impressions and adventures collected once again. The digital campaign also had an analogue aspect: Each influencer was given a “Passion Book” upon departure – a haptic travel diary to fill with their personal experiences, pictures, notes and memories from Singapore. These were presented at the launch event of the new brand at the ITB fair in Berlin.

 The social media campaign surrounding the launch of the new Singapore brand reached around 3 million people. In the period of the campaign there were 120 social media posts, which achieved a total of almost 90,000 interactions.

Sector: Retail
Specialist expertise: Partnership Marketing
Office: Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Berlin

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