What can we expect in 2021?

The coming year certainly holds challenges for us that we cannot even imagine yet.

This is how our team thinks about it:


2020 has shown that many things can be successfully digitized, but not everything should be – after Covid, finding the right balance is key.

 ― Sebastian Poljak

“Everything is going to be fine in the end. If it’s not fine it’s not the end.” – Oscar Wilde. In the last year, this sentence stuck with me like no other. For me, it contains the hope that something new can grow out of this difficult crisis and that we have the opportunity to shape this new era sustainably with creativity and thoughtfulness.

― Anne Simgen

Corona will continue to have a massive influence on many areas (of life) in 2021. Personally, I am aiming for a mix of creative will, positive attitude, curiosity and humor. And professionally, the pandemic has shown how important and crucial strategic communication is, and that creative solutions are particularly in demand.

― Susanne Marell


My learnings from a bumpy 2020? A perceived disaster can be an opportunity in disguise –  if we are willing to change our perspective and keep an open mind.

― Leonie Aßheuer



“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” (Winston S. Churchill)

― Max Engel



Time will heal hypes.

― Jan-Ove Dalheimer




Despite the physical distance between us, to me 2020 was a year that brought us together like never before, as it revealed the incredible human spirit of innovation in everyone to redefine togetherness to be there for each other and look out for one another.

― Leonie Blach

In 2020, we experienced what it means to live with sometimes significantly restricted freedoms and also how essential it is to handle these cherished freedoms responsibly.

At H+K, we’re incorporating all the lessons, deprivations, achievements and, not least, innovative momentum of 2020 into our consulting portfolio and new services for 2021.

― Udo Becker

2020 not only revealed the enormous potential and flexibility of digital communication, but also that we can stand together as a team and overcome challenges as a community – I am taking these experiences with me into the new year and look forward to an exciting 2021.
― Dr. Christian Eilers


“Growth is that one pause we take, to decide what is coming next.” In the turbulence of 2020, this is a sentence that has stayed with me the most and certainly, will follow me throughout 2021. One trend, worth being called a trend has been: Social Entrepreneurship!

― Katharina Erschov


2020 was certainly not an easy year, but we all grew from these challenges. So let’s stay optimistic and curious to see with what ingenuity and creativity we will all master this year as well!

― Carolin Hehr




In 2021, industry and the energy world will continue to face major challenges. My recommendation: More clarity and real differentiation instead of further contributions to the confusion of language. We are there to accompany you.

 ― Felix Brecht

In 2020, we experienced and learned how things that seemed hard to imagine suddenly became reality with enormous speed. In 2021, we should focus on evaluating these developments and drawing the right conclusions: Which innovations will take us forward? And which ones should we critically question?

― Thomas Wimmer



2020 was an intense and demanding year, but it also had a positive impact, not only in a professional context: for example, more courage to be creative and try new things.

― Lisann Arendt


“You’ll find memories in the rearview, but you’ll find happiness if you turn your gaze ahead.”

Translated from a Tocotronic song

― Tim Bechtel

In 2020, we have learned how quickly people can adopt to new circumstances and how efficiently we can collaborate from home thanks to the digitalization – and that the direct contact to our colleagues is missing nevertheless. For 2021, I hope we will find the right mixture: keep the new flexibility while being able to meet more frequently in person once again.

― Dr. Andreas Kloevekorn 


This year has just begun, it’s still like an empty book or a blank canvas that wants to be filled. We’ve made new experiences in 2020 that we can now bring into 2021 to again create something new.

― Christiane Schulz

The instinct of self-preservation, personal protection and the well-being of our beloved ones shaped us in 2020. In times of severe crises and transition, this is normal. Our common mission for 2021 must be to bring the systemic needs of mankind back into focus, despite ongoing social distancing imperatives – coupled with patience, a positive mindset and strategic foresight.  As experts for change and special situations, the H+K team will be happy to help you communicate forward through the year.

― Britta Lange

“You’re on mute” – a sentence we surely have heard quite a lot in recent times and will continue to do so 🙂 However, let’s not be on mute outside of videoconferencing and be loud and clear about the world we want to live in and communicate our thoughts, our beliefs and do our part for a fair, tolerant, diverse and inclusive world.

― Anne Filmer




My learning from 2020 and for 2021: Mindfulness is disinfectant for the soul.

― Anne Weckler

“If the facts don’t fit the theory, change the facts.” (Albert Einstein)

In 2020, we saw that conventional approaches were often no longer viable when facing entirely unexpected challenges. So we learned to deal with things differently and redesign our everyday life. It wasn’t easy, but it worked because we focused on what it ultimately all boils down to: sticking together. That experience is what we should carry with us into the new year.

There is absolutely no proof, by the way, that Einstein ever pronounced those widely-quoted words. The fake news trend is one we should definitely leave behind us.

― Federico Permutti


And what do you think? We look forward to your comments and opinions: