Dr. Anika Burkard

Dr. Anika Burkard has been working in healthcare communications since receiving her doctorate in 2014. As a Director with experience in both units, she represents the interface between the Medical + Science and Patient + Consumer teams at 3K, the German healthcare division of H+K.

The natural scientist discovered her passion for healthcare communications while working at the University of Heidelberg and has since steadily expanded her skills – both in owner-managed agencies and in international networks. Competent in the areas of Rx, OTC, patient and consumer communications, Dr. Anika Burkard and her team currently advise clients in the fields of multiple sclerosis, medical cannabis and nutritional supplements, as well as on topics related to digitalization in medicine, such as digital health applications. Further she was responsible for the realignment of the 3K brand in 2021 as well as social media.

In the course of her career, she has worked for companies such as Roche Pharma, Novo Nordisk, ratiopharm, Omega Pharma and Tilray. Creative concepts around lifestyle topics for diverse target groups as well as classic technical communication characterize her work. In order to develop the agency sustainably, acquiring new business is particularly important to her.

Dr. Anika Burkard studied biology with a focus on microbiology, immunology and genetics at the University of Rostock. She then worked as a research assistant at the Research Center for Experimental Orthopaedics / Research Field Molecular and Regenerative Medicine, where she also received her doctorate.