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Technology Communications

Hill+Knowlton Strategies has a team of specialists with a passion for and interest in technology and its successful communication.
Technology Communications
Whether it be hardware, software, services, telecommunications and networks or mobile services, e-commerce, navigation or industry solutions, we enjoy the challenge of playing out complex issues according to different target groups. Technology communication has changed radically in recent years: Technology is a driver of change within society and the economy. We work with you to manage change processes and point out the benefits of your solution in detail.
We firmly believe that there are two key factors for the successful communication of complex issues.
Firstly, you need a team of PR specialists like ours: We are fascinated by every aspect of technology and have been following developments and trends within the industry for years. We quickly adapt to new situations and are able to successfully transfer experience from the communication of one technology to similar projects.
However, a good technical understanding is not the greatest factor for success. The ability to communicate technology in an interesting and relevant way for different target groups, e.g. for professional users and decision-makers or end customers, is equally important. You need a communication strategy that will help to achieve your business objectives, plus suitable messages which we will develop with the help of our messaging technology; you need a choice of suitable communication channels, effective methods like our viral storytelling approach, and an evaluation of the effects. We are the right experts for the job and particularly successful for businesses that advance the development of our society and economy with their technology.