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Sustainability & CSR

Sustainability management is a strategic task which is closely related to an organisation’s core business. Forward-thinking businesses develop their business success with a view to the expectations of customers, employees, politics and society (“stakeholders”) regarding sustainability issues and corporate social responsibility.
Sustainability & CSR
The integration of professional sustainability and CSR management in business operations and its effective communication to internal and external audiences can enhance a business’s reputation, minimise risks, save costs and make a significant contribution to protecting the climate and resources. This cannot be achieved overnight but is an ongoing process during which economic, ecological and social requirements have to be reworked time and again.
The communication dilemma lies in the fact that CSR assurances may quickly lead to distrust, sceptical queries and allegations of “greenwashing”, while in the case of a low-key presence, nobody notices how a business is responding to important issues regarding the future and sustainability. Hill+Knowlton helps clients to find the right balance in this respect. We have the experience and expertise needed to guide businesses through the various facets of corporate responsibility.
Our expertise:
  • Benchmarking and audits
  • CSR programme development, implementation and controlling
  • Guidelines and codes
  • Positioning work
  • Social media

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