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Public Affairs

Across all sectors, political decisions are increasingly permeating economic activity. At the same time, more and more stakeholders are influencing political decisions.
Public Affairs
Besides the formal political decision-makers, other socio-political stakeholder groups such as affected citizens, consumers, NGOs and associations can exercise significant influence. Our work in public affairs aims to help businesses and organisations successfully represent their interests in this complex environment.
Consequently, our public affairs work extends further than just the political process and the corresponding key political decision-makers. It incorporates all the related stakeholders, from NGOs and associations to the media. This is the only way to develop and successfully implement a communications strategy which is tailored to the various different interest groups.
Besides the decision-makers and stakeholders, it is important to identify the core issues on the political agenda at an early stage. Our consultants work together with our clients to identify and analyse the issues that may have both positive and negative impacts on their corporate objectives. This analysis generates appropriate messages and measures – be it with traditional tools like background discussions, position papers, expert opinions, parliamentary evenings or the establishment of coalitions of interests, dialogue campaigns and grass roots campaigns.
Our expertise:
  •  Developing and implementing public affairs strategies
  • Policy audits and monitoring
  • Agenda setting
  • Campaigns
  • Stakeholder communication
  • Media relations
  • Issues management & monitoring
  • Digital public affairs

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