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Family-Owned Businesses

Communication within large companies that are still predominantly under family ownership follows its own rules both internally and externally, regardless of the legal structure. Nevertheless, no matter how privately and discreetly family businesses act or are managed, public attention will inevitably descend on the family at the first sign of conflict or crisis.
Family-Owned Businesses
Why? Unlike businesses with anonymous ownership structures, families and their members are much easier to identify and therefore run the risk of falling victim more quickly to the whims of the media and to incur lasting reputational damage.
Hill+Knowlton has top-ranked international communications consultants, some of whom have over 20 years’ experience in advising large business-owning families and their companies, as well as their managers and decision-makers. They also act as sparring partners for business leaders and communication managers of family businesses. Inventive strategies are developed with them and on their behalf for all relevant internal and external stakeholder groups.
Ernst Primosch, CEO of Hill+Knowlton Strategies, advises families and their businesses on communication and profiling/non-profiling issues while maintaining strict confidentiality and respecting their traditions. Hill+Knowlton Strategies assesses the risks of decisions from a communication perspective, considers specific relationships within families and reviews their external and internal communications strategy. We are also helping families introduce successive generations to their businesses and to help retain and position them both internally and externally. Ernst Primosch, CEO of Hill+Knowlton Strategies, has advised some of the most respected entrepreneurs and corporate brands in Germany, Europe and worldwide.

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