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Executive Coaching

The reputation of a business and that of its CEO are inseparably linked. The importance of the CEO, his or her team, their correct positioning and perfect communicative representation is demonstrated by the fact that studies have shown it to account for 60 percent of a business’s reputation. No other factor is as important.
Executive Coaching
The demands placed on management boards are also growing. Not only are they increasingly at the centre of public attention, they also have to constantly justify their existence to guarantee their average length of stay in a prominent position within the company.
Each and every CEO (and management board) needs to establish a clear profile in order to position him-/herself and his/her management approach on a long-term basis. The CEO has to develop a vision and from this a mission statement, then combine these with an individually tailored communications agenda and a communication style to suit his/her personality.
When conducting this analysis, it is important to clarify the following: How is the management board positioned and through which channels? What visions and values does it have? How does the management board communicate at public events, in interviews and in internal communication, and how is it perceived both internally and externally as a result? Are the messages it uses believable, solid, and consistent, and what are they trying to promote? How are they received in the media? Plus, does the board have the right networks and access to stakeholders? A suitable profile strikes the right balance between serving as a role model and authentic representation and thus forms the basis for effective CEO communication.
Hill+Knowlton Strategies has top-ranking international consultants with over 20 years’ experience, all trusted by the CEO’s, managing directors, management boards and supervisory boards of a wealth of renowned companies.
Our expertise:
  • Developing the CEO as a brand
  • Increasing the CEO’s involvement in corporate reputation
  • C-Level communication analysis
  • Mediation of conflicts within the board and between committees
  • Individual coaching and positioning
  • Personality and character counselling
  • C-Level media and crisis training
  • C-Levels in social media

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