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E-Commerce & Multichannel Positioning

Interactive retail in Germany is going through a period of rapid growth. In 2011, mail-order business generated a turnover of 34 billion Euros. Over two thirds of this relates to sales which were generated and processed exclusively via online channels.
E-Commerce & Multichannel Positioning
Nowadays, businesses wanting to secure long-term success on the internet or wishing to break into the world of interactive retail face a multitude of strategic decisions. From selecting the appropriate sales channels for their target groups and brand touch points on the World Wide Web through to operational and technical implementation of an entire e-commerce strategy, there are numerous mission-critical decisions to be made.
The correct positioning of brands on the internet in terms of communication and brand strategy is essential and not to be taken lightly. Personal preferences – and ultimately purchase decisions – are made on professionally organised platforms and in social networks. A targeted and intelligent strategy is necessary in order to retain a strong position in the competition for opinions, recommendations and sympathetic criticism as a business and brand with an interactive sales channel.
In interactive retail, the “point of sale” does not exist in isolation from the classic business communication and marketing activities. Rather, the “point of sale” becomes the “point of brand”. Your business, your brand and your products and services all blend together on the internet, in your online shop or your web portal. Each and every multimedia inconsistency costs you sales – also referred to as “conversions" in e-commerce terminology: the conversion of an interested visitor into, at best, a long-term, loyal customer. Plus cash sales.
Hill+Knowlton has therefore developed the Brand2Conversion Toolbox together with leading experts in e-commerce, mail order and logistics. The Brand2Conversion Toolbox combines extensive knowledge of strategic brand management – both offline and online – with all the key issues relating to developing, refining and adjusting your e-commerce strategy. The Brand2Conversion Toolbox consists of five focal areas, which are applied in accordance with the individual situation or business model of your company:
1. Core strategy
Your core strategy covers all of the basic decisions which need to be considered when planning and operating your e-commerce strategy. Is multichannel the way to go for your business? What are the alternatives and how can you ensure the integrated communication and presentation of your brand? Our extensive advice in this field includes selecting appropriate channels and preparing specific business and marketing plans. In e-commerce, there is more than just one right way to go about things. The Brand2Conversion Toolbox provides a strategic map for long-term business success.
2. Customer strategy
Your customer strategy involves selecting and planning services which have a direct impact on customer experience and customer satisfaction – always in the direct context of your brand's desired positioning. A variety of tools within the Brand2Conversion Toolbox ensure that active brand management is fully operational in interactive e-commerce scenarios and that your brand is perceived in the best light at all times by your stakeholder groups.
3. Conversion strategy
What are your specific conversion killers? What can you do to bring an integrated presentation of your brand and values in line with a user-oriented operating concept? The Brand2Conversion Toolbox sets out the “state of the art readiness” of your e-commerce presence on all channels and helps you to place your customers at the centre of your communication and sales-oriented activities.
4. Cooperation strategy
What is your logistics strategy? Do you have the best partners for your business? We show you ways to ensure the smooth running of your e-commerce business. We work with you to ensure an integrated, communicative link is established between your online sales and your organisation as well as existing processes within the business. The Brand2Conversion Toolbox analyses your business processes and brings them in line with the objectives of your e-commerce strategy.
5. Communication strategy
How do you present your brand? Who are you appealing to and with what content? Where is online integrated communication particularly important – where can you use the power of your brand to achieve conversions? How do you position your products and services on the internet and manage your multimedia presence in the best possible way, i.e. tailoring it to your target groups and ensuring economic profitability?
Hill+Knowlton can provide answers to these questions to suit your business.

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