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Crisis Communications

In the event of a crisis, the crucial factor is not how it is viewed by experts but instead whether and how it changes the conduct of the affected stakeholders (customers, authorities, shareholders, media, politics, etc.).
Crisis Communications
In the event of a crisis, better communication results in more measured criticism. Therefore, what counts more than anything is a quick response. In other words, assessing the situation properly, identifying the main players, taking adequate measures and, above all, remaining the primary contact. Nowadays this is all the more important because crises can very quickly gain coverage over social networks and web portals (Twitter, Facebook, blogs) and from there be taken up by traditional media.
Of course, communication alone is not enough to overcome a crisis, but it is the main tool for adequately controlling the crisis situation. When it comes to crisis communication, Hill+Knowlton Strategies is one of the leading communication consultancies. Our clients have more room for manoeuvre and our crisis management sets out a clear division of responsibilities. Our crisis evaluation shows how your messages are received by the public in real-time.
Crisis communication always begins before a crisis: Hill+Knowlton Strategies therefore arranges realistic training sessions, prepares detailed crisis plans and implements innovative early warning systems. Using a fixed issue management process, we also keep tabs on topics which are strategically significant to our clients, analyse trends and provide customised recommendations for action.
Our expertise:
  • Crisis management
  • Crisis communication
  • Crisis training
  • Crisis evaluation
  • Issues management & monitoring
  • Legal communications
  • Social media.

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