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Brand & Reputation Management

A company's reputation, its corporate character, and the promise its brand stands for are decisive factors in the decision making process of consumers, for procurement managers, and on the financial markets, where the reputation of a company is an essential component of its market value.
Brand & Reputation Management
Complexity and risks of reputation management have increased since customers and other stakeholders such as NGOs increasingly use social media to engage in public discussions about and with companies, especially if the brand experience and proclaimed brand image do not seem to match.
To position a company's brand, and to build and to save a company's reputation is a complex process. Of utmost importance are a holistic view and an integrated approach that includes all relevant communication disciplines.
In a (re-)position of a company's brand the analysis of the existing status takes precedence. It analyses the status quo of a brand and its culture. It focusses on how a brand is perceived and positioned and values and skills for which it stands. The analysis informs which communication measures and instruments are necessary and need to be applied to increase brand awareness and reputation. The analysis also includes evaluating the brand image in all relevant target groups, benchmarking with competitors and all resulting actions.
Brand & Reputation Management by Hill+Knowlton Strategies evaluates all essential and significant features of the brand's identity and sets the necessary actions in motion to communicate a company's corporate character continuously, consistently and above all authentically. It verifiably strengthens reputation and name recognition with all relevant stakeholders such as employees, media, politics, and financial markets are
Hill+Knowlton Strategies has consultants with years of experience in successfully positioning of people and products. Experience that for over 50 years has turned companies, people, and products into strong and sucessful brands.
Our expertise:
  • Development of a corporate character
  • Determination of the brand core
  • Development of vision and mission statements
  • Reputation management
  • Positioning of a company/organisation
  • Positioning of CEO and board
  • Creation of a corporate identiy
  • Creation of corporate beliefs and behaviour
  • Creation of customized communication structures
  • Developing a consistent one-voice communication
  • Analysis and change of existing communication
  • Stakeholder management
  • Corporate (Social) Responsibility (CSR)
  • Corporate Governance & Compliance

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