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Media & Digital Economy

Media companies and businesses which are closely linked with the media sector are subject to specific challenges since the media always has a specific social significance in democratic societies that goes beyond being ”businesses”. These companies are under intense public scrutiny and have to take this into account in their communication.
Media & Digital Economy
At the same time, ongoing digitisation is the cause and driver of fundamental changes in the structure of communication. The media sector is currently undergoing particularly rapid change, however, there are a lot of other sectors affected by this too.
As a consequence of developments in the digital sector, technologies are fusing together in the same way as traditional categories and sectors. Media users are turning into media producers, the degree of crosslinking is growing and a large number of activities are being transferred to the internet. Old certainties of business models, sector categories and media usage behaviour are constantly being put to the test. Once successful business models need to change in order to survive. New business models are emerging.
Hill+Knowlton Strategies advises leading media companies and business within the digital sector on communicating complex change processes as well as on matters of positioning and regulation in an extremely dynamic market.

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