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International Investment Promotion Agencies (IPAs) are well advised to consider effective public relations strategies in order to create a positive opinion climate and generate leads

Foreign Direct Investment Promotion

Against the backdrop of further globalizing markets, investors can nowadays chose from a variety of business locations. Marketing-/BD- and PR-divisions of Investment promotion agencies (IPAs) need to make sure to convince large businesses and SMEs of the competitive advantages of their business region – e.g. to develop a new sales market, to outsource manufacturing capacities, as a "hub" to tap into other markets, or to build up R&D facilities.
Foreign Direct Investment Promotion
Media Relations for IPAs and business destination/country brand PR programs are core competencies of Hill+Knowlton Strategies. In the recent years, our consultants have supported numerous IPAs (including from North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Arab region) strategically and operationally in their communications towards media, existing and potential investors, entrepreneurs, industry associations and multipliers.

We know and understand pertinent "horizontal" success factors for the competitiveness of a business location such as infrastructure, taxation levels, growth opportunities, productivity, and legal security, as well the importance of "vertical" sector-specific value propositions e.g. in the automotive, life sciences, energy, IT, healthcare, or financial services industry.
Our services include market research and public relations concepts, positioning strategies and messaging, development of communications materials such as fact sheets, case studies, brochures, visuals and press kits, media relations activities towards business and trade/sector-specific media (press releases, interviews, by-lined articles et al.), website content development, as well as support with events, sales promotion, (e)marketing and sponsorship activities.

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