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Communications challenges for banks
Survey on Corporate- and Brand-PR for Financial Services Firms
Things to know about Marketing- and PR for Financial Services Firms
Of the international PR-networks in Germany, Hill+Knowlton is a Top 3 consultancy for clients from the banking, insurance and financial services sector.

Financial Services

The aftermath of the European sovereign debt crisis as well as volatile capital markets and a low interest rate environment have led to nervousness among many investors and consumers in the German market. 
Financial Services
Given cash is available among several institutional investors there is a certain pressure on them to invest and to generate returns. As one consequence, alternative investments become a focus of attention.
For banks and other financial institutions tightened regulatory frameworks, challenges around the digitalization of business models as well as risk management and compliance issues grow in importance.
The broader public and retail investors have heard of laundering charges, interest rate manipulations, breaches of duty of care (and other violations) – all of which had a negative impact on the confidence in the banking and finance sector. Loss of trust, calls for more transparent products and investment guarantees, as well as declining customer loyalties are the result.
Mere product advertising campaigns fail to reflect key reputation challenges in this current climate: Investors demand transparency. They want to better understand the corporate brands “behind” the financial products. The market has evolved from product oriented to customer oriented.
Our Clients
  • Banks
  • Insurance Companies
  • Investment Management (incl. Funds, ETF, certificates)
  • Brokerage (incl. CFDs, FX, leveraged products)
  • Private Equity & Venture Capital
  • Real Estate
  • Business Associations
  • FinTech-Firms
  • Other corporations in Banking and Finance 
Our Team
Hill+Knowlton Strategies is an international communications consultancy. We combine the professionalism, quality, and internationality of a global network with specialized corporate and brand PR know-how for financial services firms.
We are a full service agency – from strategic communications consulting to "hands on" operational support and tactical implementation.
Our core competency are media- and public relations activities around complex banking and finance topics (institutional and retail) such as asset & wealth management, bonds, certificates, CFDs, commercial banking, corporate finance, derivatives, financial transactions, fixed deposits, forex, investment banking, life and pension insurances, mutual funds, online banking, private equity & venture capital, real estate, stocks, et al.
Our Approach
We support you in successfully synchronizing fact-based corporate communications with product- and sales supporting PR. We help our clients (B2B and B2C) in differentiating their business and achieving competitive advantages, delivering measurable results for your firm’s reputation (e.g. awareness increase, image profile, effects on attitudes of stakeholders) and on economic market success parameters (e.g. sales figures, market share, number of customers).
We differentiate ourselves by
  • sector know-how and in-depth experience with financial services topics
  • strengths of ideas in our communications work
  • networks we open up for our clients.
Our objective is to maximize communications value and contribute with our services to the “bottom line” results of our client.
Our Services Portfolio
  • Analysis & Market Intelligence (Research, Data & Insights)
  • Strategic Communications Planning
  • Positioning, Differentiation, Branding
  • Messaging, Topic Platforms, Material Development
  • Corporate Communications, Reputation Management
  • Financial Marketing, Sales supporting PR, Product PR
  • Media Relations
  • Online Communications & Social Media Consulting
  • Content Marketing
  • Stakeholder Communications
  • Surveys
  • Events
  • Employer Branding
  • Communications Controlling & Measurement/Evaluation
In order to ensure a 360° integrated campaign approach, the core offering is complemented with the know-how and service expertise of our specialist units, building best individual teams for our clients:
  • Public Affairs
  • Corporate Publishing
  • Internal Communications
  • Change Communications
  • Crisis Communications
  • Media Planning & Advertising 

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