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The effects of political decisions, for example the energy revolution, environment preservation rules, rising energy prices, new technologies such as “smart grids” and processes for storing energy plus other consumer demands, cause the breakdown of traditional value-added chains.
This is both a challenge and an opportunity – an opportunity to act as a responsible problem solver and fulfil the worldwide demand for reliable, affordable and clean energy.
It also results in a growing demand for strategically managed communication. Not only does this require extensive market knowledge and expert know-how but also a high degree of sensitivity. After all, dialogue between businesses, associations,  policy-makers, consumer protection groups and citizens' initiatives has become faster, more open and more controversial.
Hill+Knowlton Strategies develops customised communication concepts for businesses and offers solutions which take into account social and political demands. We work together with many of the world's leading energy companies – in marketing and protecting their reputation, communicating important ideas and guaranteeing equal opportunities. Excellent international networking with offices in centres of the energy industry forms the basis of our proven expertise in managing complex stakeholder issues transnationally. 

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